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Dear future partner!

My name is Michael Browko and I am the owner of manufacturing company Mario I’m a person who exactly knows on practice what kind of problems every large company faces while doing business in the production and selling towel rails.The pledge of prosperity of any company is balanced process focused on profitability and efficiency. At this moment our company is ready to provide your business with the opportunity to increase the income rapidly.

But, first we would like to share with you of some information about our company. Mario - the first Ukrainian company which produces towel rails. We started our existence in 1998 and continue to develop dynamically. All our products are made of high quality stainless steel AISI 304, which in its turn is purchased from the best European manufacturers. 

The advantages of Private Lable:

  • Private Lable models are exclusive and produced only for one customer;
  • we guarantee the confidentiality;
  • we can make any model by your design;
  • we guarantee delivery of the goods within a specified time;
  • good quality.


  • we give good warranty conditions to all our products;
  • all our products have EN and CE certificates.

Terms : 

  • it will take short period of time to produce towel warmers according to your design (depends upon the quantity).

We hope this information will help us to build mutually beneficial cooperation in the future. 
In case you’ve got more questions please contact with our manager!


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