Mario – About the Company

November 21, 1998 began the history now known Ukrainian brand "Mario", the leading manufacturer of towel rails and stainless steel design radiators. Then the father with  two his sons created the first stainless towel warmer. The product had a great success and became the foundation of the family business.

The brand’s name came symbolically — as the memory of Company’s foundation day –  the 21st of November. On that date by the customs of Ukrainian Orthodox Church we celebrate St. Michael’s day.  Mario is Italian version of  Michael and the family manufactories — are the foundation of the Italian production. There is no accidental association with Italy —  the first heated towel rail products have been invented in ancient Rome, and were presented as a flat container for drying clothes, heated by fire. Later, in Europe towel wormers were gratings beside the fireplace of rich gentlemen’s houses. The masters liked to use warm towels  after the bath procedures.

The  growth Mario Company

The development of capacities  “Mario” Company was growing slowly — in 2002 in a small production were involved only 12 workers, who tirelessly worked in the shop  of 200 square meters, located in  town of Zarvantsy, creating and improving the electrical and water heated towel rails for the bathroom. But in 2004, the productive forces have moved in city of Litin, to  the new plant which has become a high-tech and modern enterprise for the production of radiators and towel rails of various types. And in 2015 was started up the new line of conveyor type, which gave the opportunity to  speed up the production process significantly.

The main advantages of Mario production company are:

  • a large selection of attractive models for a bath made of square and round stainless steel tube with a modern design, proven by demand and time;
  • multi-level quality control of raw materials and finished products;
  • long-term use of our products, their reliability and guarantee of the effective work for many years;
  • extensive production capacity, allowing to carry out large orders in the optimal terms.
  • the possibility of marking (manufacturing) the products under client’s own trade mark.

Today, powerful company, "Mario" is situated on an area of ​​about 10 000 sq. meters and has a precise specialized equipment, programmed by qualified staff, large warehouse and a high level of product quality control.

Successful partnership

Now, the company comes out to a new level by offering  manufacturing of towel warmers under private label conditions. This practice has been used successfully with many partners from Europe. We focus on foreign companies which want to be presented on the market of water and electric towel warmers under their own name.

This allows our partners:
  • compete successfully in its niche with major players on the market;
  • to provide very high quality and marketable product;
  • exclusively and confidentially, without expenses  and risks of production
  • to ensure prompt delivery of relevant models with making them under your brand
Mario Company offers consumers a great product, and partner - the most favorable conditions for cooperation. Completing the second decade of successful work, we look in the future by taking care of our customers! GET a call