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For partners

1254 Partner stores

We export products to 19 countries


23 Years of experience

100% stainless steel products

Good day, dear Partners!

Have you thought to sell stainless steel towel warmers on your market? If yes, we will be happy to provide all information about our products and explain why you should choose our company.

MARIO company started its own history more than 23 years ago and during all this period we continue to improve our quality — that gives us the right to be considered the best Ukrainian manufacturer.

We’re producing wide range of towel warmers and design radiators, both electric and water heated, made of Stainless Steel, starting from economy up to premium models.

Mutually beneficial cooperation has always been one of the conditions of partnership for us. That is why we provide a system of discounts for our partners, which will provide you with a decent income and will encourage you to further development.

We do have what to propose you!

Our main advantages

We have our own representative company in Poland which makes the delivery of goods to our partners more comfortable
Wide range of towel warmers and design radiators, both electric and water heated;
We can produce model by your design
Stainless steel pipes for our products are produced in Finland and Spain
25 years warranty for Mario water towel rails in autonomous heating system and 5 years warranty for Mario water towel rails in other heating systems. 5 years warranty for electric towel rails
All products are certified in accordance to EU standards and passed a multi-level quality control

Our Warranty:

We provide good warranty conditions to all our products;
All our products have EN and CE certificates.

Our Terms:

It will take short period of time to produce towel warmers according to your design (depends upon the quantity);
As for the models from our standard range - they are always available in our stock;
We hope this information will help us to build mutually beneficial cooperation in the future. In case you’ve got more questions please contact with our manager!