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The heated towel rail has been the subject of a bathroom interior for a long time, the choice of which should be approached very seriously. The purpose of the heated towel rail is to maintain a comfortable temperature and the necessary level of humidity in the bathroom to prevent the appearance of harmful microorganisms and allergens etc.

Since 1998, Mario has been manufacturing modern heated towel rails and design radiators, creating warmth and comfort for every family. The latest and most advanced stainless steel processing and welding technologies have been provided in the production, special attention is paid to the fashion trends and market requirements among European customers.

Warmth that lasts a lifetime

Water heated towel rail connects to a hot heating system or to an individual heating circuit in private buildings. In their functional use, water towel rails are the most popular and easiest to use. The main coolant is water. Electric heated towel rail – a heated towel rail made by using advanced technology similar to that used for laying “heat-insulated floors”. Mario’s electric heated towel rails are economical and equipped with a timer-regulator.

All Mario AISI 304 stainless steel heated towel rails are certified. Their quality is confirmed by long production experience and warranty.