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Stainless steel

Carbon steel

Stainless Steel, not Chrome

We use 100% high-quality polished stainless steel pipes without any additional plating. The pipe, covered with a layer of chromium, can rust over time, meanwhile Mario towel rails surface is very durable, long lasting and totally resistant to corrosion, scratches, humidity and temperature changes. The best European raw materials for our towel rails are supplied from Italy and Finland.

Wide Range of Products

We produce water heated radiators and electric towel rails with a dry heater - more than 280 models and sizes in total. Each Mario product is designed with an individual feature: unique design, special functions, affordable price, resource-saving, compact size, high performance etc. We offer all the necessary accessories for the towel rails as well.

Exquisite Color Palette

Mario products are suitable for any interior design, as we cover them with decorative coating of the most popular colors. Our colors palette includes matte black, white gloss, matte white, gold, brushed gold and bronze. Unique environmentally friendly non-toxic paint is produced in France specially for Mario, it’s perfectly adhesive to stainless steel, shockproof and UF resistant, which is proved by various tests.

Easy Control and Energy Saving

All our electric towel rails with a dry heater are equipped with the timer-regulator which helps to adjust the temperature by choosing one of the three modes, and set up heating time to 3/6 h or constant heating. Eco Mode of the timer-regulator allows you to disable the constant heating and save up to 87% of energy.

Innovative Connector

Our customers don’t need to think about the socket location in advance – thanks to the innovative connector by Mario the side of the connection doesn’t matter. The plug simply connects to the right or left side of the towel rail. You no longer need to guess which connection side will be more demanded for your customers; you no longer need to worry that something is not in stock; since each model of the electric towel rail equipped with a connector is versatile and will suit everyone.

Product Size is Designed for Pallet Shipping

The dimensions of our products and packaging are specially designed for pallet shipments. We understand the importance of efficient logistics, which is why we have tailored both the size of our items and their packaging to fit seamlessly onto pallets. This ensures ease of transportation, maximizes space utilization, and minimizes the risk of damage during shipping.

Save Your Warehouse Space Twice with Our Connector

Our electric towel rails with a special connector are designed to make installation and storage a breeze, helping you optimize your inventory and maximize your profits. The universal connector makes the towel rails easy to connect from either side. It allows our customers to choose the connection side of any model during the installation. This unique feature means that you don't need to worry about storing different models for left or right-side connections, making it easier to manage your stock and save valuable warehouse space, providing efficient storage, freeing up valuable warehouse space for other items and reducing storage costs.

Extra Reliability with Phosphate Coating and Powder Coating

High-quality painting and phosphate coating of the Hygge Family products aim to minimize complaints. This enables us to provide resistance to corrosion, scratches, and other damages for the towel rails surface, ensuring satisfaction from using our products over an extended period. Such an approach helps us maintain high standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

Trending Color Palette

The color palette and design of our models are tailored to suit 99% of bathrooms, making them effortlessly marketable and universally fitting. Our palette includes trendy white and black colors, ensuring that our towel rails seamlessly integrate into a wide range of bathroom aesthetics. With this approach, our products are not only visually pleasing but also practical, catering to diverse consumer preferences and enhancing the overall bathroom experience. Paint coating is applied in our manufacture on our own paint line using the latest technology and equipment to provide not only aesthetics but also concern the quality.

Innovative Product

Hygge Family electric towel rails compile all our experience and innovative developments. They are equipped with a timer-regulator which provides control of the temperature and operating time of the towel rails, saving up to 87% of energy. Each towel rail comes with the hidden connection kit which is a unique offer on the market. With the help of the additional accessories - hanging shelves which can be installed directly on the towel rail - you can actually double the assortment.

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Service and Personal Manager

We offer personalized service through dedicated personal managers who serve as the primary point of contact for customers, addressing inquiries, providing product information, and ensuring a seamless experience from initial inquiry to after-sales support. Coupled with a comprehensive customer service infrastructure, we prioritize customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, ensuring that every customer feels valued and supported throughout their journey with the brand.

Marketing Support

We provide robust marketing support to our partners, ensuring strong brand visibility and customer engagement. This support includes creating compelling marketing content tailored to target audiences, such as promotional materials, effective branding strategies of identity for their retail outlets. Additionally, the manufacturer consistently works on refining and strengthening the brand image through ongoing market research, product innovation, and brand communication initiatives.

EU, the UK and Israeli Certification

Our products are certified in the UK, EU and Israeli laboratories. This certification is recognized worldwide for quality and safety standards, guaranteeing customers the highest reliability and adherence to strict industry standards. It underlines our commitment to excellence, instilling the trust of consumers worldwide and positioning its products as reliable and compliant with international quality standards, thus strengthening our reputation as a leading provider of premium home solutions worldwide.

Customer Support

Our team delivers swift resolutions and expert advice, ensuring seamless experiences for your clients. From installation queries to warranty concerns, we've got you covered. Trust us as your reliable ally in providing unmatched comfort solutions. Elevate your offerings with our dedication to excellence and comprehensive warranty support, setting you apart in the market.

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