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Stainless outer frame of this heated towel rail creates an indescribable feeling of completeness.
Donna - water towel rails |


Whole outer frame of this heated towel rail creates a sense of integrity, and the narrow connection allows you to concentrate all utilities in one place. The big number of rails will increase the release of heat energy into the room and help adjust humidity.

Name | Size
Quantity of ribs
Heat power
Heat conduction

Stainless steel towel rails

We use the best quality European stainless steel for production.

Water towel rails

Connected to the hot heating system or to the individual heating circuit in private buildings. Water heated towel rails are the most popular and easy to use.

Max working pressure

To ensure correct work of towel radiator, we check the products in a pressure test of 22 atmospheres.
Working pressure 15 atm.

Lifetime warranty

We are confident in our quality, so we give 50 years warranty for our water heating towel rails that work in the autonomic heating systems/individual heating circuit.

Possibility to install heating element

Make your towel rail autonomous by installing the appropriate heating element.