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Towel Rail Color in the Interior

Towel Rail Color in the Interior

 Interior design isn't the easiest process but it's very exciting! When it comes to the bathroom it's very important to take into account a lot of details: functionality, practicality, design of each element separately, to make them fit each other perfectly.

 How to choose the towel rail that will fit your design project? Let's get started with the trends. The most popular colors of the current season are still black, white, bronze and gold. Meanwhile polished stainless steel remains a classic universal solution for many years.

 To make the bathroom interior harmonic, choose the accessories with the same color and surface. The easier way to do it is to combine the towel rail, faucet and shower in the same style.

 Black and white colors in sanitary ware have long been a sign of a good taste and luxurious interiors. They are elegant and functional. The water drops are barely visible on these kinds of surfaces, which are easy to maintain. Also you should pay attention to the lighting in the room. If the bathroom is small and dark, and you want to make it visually bigger, brighter and lighter, then use light colors, and the white glossy towel rail will be the highlights of such a room, literally. Black sanitary will be suitable for non-standard and bold designs, or if you want to emphasize it.

 Bronze is a very universal color as well. It will be relevant in a variety of styles: from retro and country, to exquisite baroque, shabby chic and a favorite style of recent years - loft. Elements made of artificial or natural stone or concrete will suit this color.

 Gold color is relevant out of time. But you have to be very careful with it, because such a bright accent requires no less luxurious design of the whole room. If your bathroom will be in the Art Deco, Art Nouveau or Classicism style, feel free to choose a towel rail and accessories with a gold finish.

 And finally - a win-win option - polished stainless steel. The choice of silverish products on the market still remains the largest, so it will be very easy to find appropriate accessories to match with a polished stainless steel towel rail.

 Mario towel rails are suitable for any interior design, as we cover them with decorative coating of the most popular colors. Our colors assortment includes matte black, white gloss, gold and bronze. Unique environmentally friendly non-toxic paint is produced in EU specially for Mario, it’s perfectly adhesive to stainless steel, shockproof and UF resistant, which is proved by various tests.

 Color finish is applied in our manufacture on our own paint line using the latest technology and equipment. And thanks to improved painting methods recently we managed to expand the range of models that can be coated. Therefore almost every Mario towel rail can be painted in the above colors.

 Our manager will help you to learn more details about painted towel rails, and help you to choose the best option. Don’t hesitate to contact us.