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Connection Side No Longer Matters

Connection Side No Longer Matters

 Do you need a right or left connection of the electric towel rail with a dry heater? You may not know yet as not everything is planned… but it’s already resolved by Mario!

 Deciding the power connection side for the towel rail is a very common problem in bathroom design. But our customers don’t need to think in advance about the side of the socket, and the best placement for the electric towel rail. Because the unique development - connector by Mario - allows you to connect the electric towel rail with a dry heater to the power any side.

 You no longer need to guess which connection side will be more demanded for your customers; you no longer need to worry that something is not in stock; since each model of the electric towel rail equipped with a connector is versatile and will suit everyone.

 Mounting of the towel rail with a connector is super easy. Suffice it to choose the best position for placing it right on the spot, then remove the plug on the side closest to the socket and join the cable - everything is ready for connection!

 Mario connector is protected against humidity and dust ingress. So it's totally safe and reliable. Additionally with connector and hidden connection kit you are able to mount the towel rail without any sockets and cables.

 Don't hesitate to contact us and learn more about Mario connector.