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Dual Fuel Towel Rail

Dual Fuel Towel Rail

 Water towel rail is connected to the heating system or hot water supply. And when it’s a district network, we can’t affect the water temperature in the whole system: unstable hot water supply in summer, and actually there is no heating most of the year at all. Water towel rail doesn’t function without a hot water supply, so if you want to avoid these problems you can turn it into a dual fuel one. 

 Dual fuel or so called combined Mario towel rail - is a water model, equipped with an additional heating element. The electric heating element is installed into the towel rail riser using a special valve. The access to the district network shuts off during the non-heating season, and the heating element plugs in the socket. During the cold season you simply turn off the heating element from the socket and open the valve to bring back hot water input.

 The heat transfer of the dual fuel towel rail is higher than electric, and that means you can use it for heating and maintaining a healthy level of humidity, not only for drying clothes. Depending on what heater you choose for your towel rail it can have different working modes and temperature regulation. 

 You can choose your desired towel rail model and one of the 4 heating elements from Mario range. Almost each water model can be turned into a combined one. The recommended power of the heater is specified in the description of the chosen towel rail on the product page on our website. 

 Make your heating efficient and use both: the power of the water radiator and electricity as an energy force. Contact us to learn more about the dual fuel Mario towel rails.