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Safe and Eco-friendly Towel Rails

Safe and Eco-friendly Towel Rails

 Mario towel rails are safe for health. All of them are certified in the EU and UK and have safety and quality certificates that confirm it. Each towel rail follows the The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (shortly RoHS) therefore RoHS compliant.

 We use special eco-solders in the production process of our towel rails, they don't contain any toxic substance such as lead, tin, mercury or cadmium. So as a result the towel rails are totally safe for health and eco-friendly.

 Why is lead so dangerous? When heated it can produce lead vapours. These vapours inhalation can lead to a variety of diseases, affecting the nervous system and kidney function, causing cardiovascular disease, increasing blood pressure, and it's also very dangerous for future moms. To make sure that your household appliances don't contain lead or any other toxic substances, you should check if it's RoHS compliant, which is usually marked with the special symbol on the packaging.

 Choosing Mario towel rails you take care of yourself and your family, as you can be sure of the reliability and quality of our products.