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Even More Savings with Eco Mode

Even More Savings with Eco Mode

 Even more savings? Yes! Now all the Mario electric towel rails with a dry heater have a new additional function in their timer-regulator. It allows you to disable the constant heating and use only the 3 or 6 hours timer. 

 Eco Mode is essential if you have small kids who learn the world and like pressing the buttons, or if you are a hotel owner – for a reasonable resources allocation. Or if you are fussing and may simply forget to turn off the towel rail after use. 

 How to enable this mode? That's very easy. You need to press the timer button, hold it, then press the temperature button and release both in 5 seconds, after which the towel rail will switch off. Then turn it on in a regular way. It's done! To go back to the constant heating mode, you should perform the same steps again. 

 With new Eco Mode disabling the constant heating, you never ever think about the need to turn off the towel rail. Smart, convenient and easy towel rail control - what can be better? 

 Don't hesitate to contact us to ask more details about Mario towel rails features!