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Electric Towel Rails Compatible with Home Appliances

Electric Towel Rails Compatible with Home Appliances

 Mario towel rails are safe and compatible with other electrical appliances. It is stated in the European Certificate of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

 All the home appliances which are powered with electric current emit an electromagnetic field, and the more powerful such a device, the stronger the radiation. A lot of us noticed that the operation of lots of the devices affect the functionality of the other, e.g. the interference that is heard in the radio or speakers while the microwave is working or mobile phone is ringing. Besides the discomfort, these interferences can become dangerous, as they affect the operation of information and security systems, medical equipment (including cardiac pacemakers), and can be harmful to health.

 Mario towel rails have been tested in European and British laboratories, and received the appropriate quality certificates. They do not affect the operation of other appliances as they are protected from magnetic fields and do not create interference.

 Take care of your safety together with Mario towel rails! Contact us to learn more about the safety of Mario products.