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Dry Heater Technology

Dry Heater Technology

A lot of people used to think that an "electric towel rail" is just a water one but equipped with an electric heater which can be plugged to the outlet - but they are dual fuel or combined towel rails. Mario electric towel rails are smth different - they are towel rails with a dry heater.

Electric towel rails with a dry heater don't need any coolant or additional external heating element to work. That's why the technology is called "dry" as the heater has no contact with liquid coolant. There is a special heating cable and heat accumulating layers inside of the pipe. It allows even heat distribution and precise temperature control.

The nichrome cable stretched inside the heated towel rail is durable and reliable. Double layered silicone insulation ensures high level protection against electric shock and water/dust ingress.

Mario towel rail with a dry heater is a modern device equipped with a timer-regulator, so you can adjust the temperature and working time as you wish. Therefore it's very low power consuming and saves your expenses.

Get more info about Mario towel rails with a dry heater - contact us and receive professional assistance.