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Full Control of Your Towel Rail and Expenses

Full Control of Your Towel Rail and Expenses

 Mario electric towel rail with a dry heater works only when it’s needed and helps you to cut your expenses, as it can consume 10 times less energy than the ordinary towel radiator. 

 Why do Mario towel rails have low power consumption? Up to 60% of the economy is achieved thanks to the timer-regulator, which we built in each electric towel rail. It helps to manage the resources wisely by saving energy and, respectively, to reduce the customer expenses. 

 Timer-regulator has three temperature modes: 40, 45 и 50℃. It allows you to select the appropriate heating temperature which is needed at the moment. It's very easy to use. Using only 2 buttons you can choose one out of three temperature modes, and also set the working time: 3, 6 h or continuous heating. 

 Thanks to that, you can turn on the heating for the night or leaving home, with no worries about the electricity overrun, as a towel rail will turn off itself after the specified time period. 

 Does it really help to reduce the power consumption 10 times? Let's consider the example. While an ordinary towel radiator consumes 300 W of heat, Mario towel rail does twice less. And you can cut the working time to 6 hour per day with a timer which reduces the energy expenses 10 times. 

 Affordable low consuming electric towel rails - is the future which has already come. Contact us to learn more about Mario electric towel rails with a timer-regulator.