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Electric Towel Rail with Hidden Connection

Electric Towel Rail with Hidden Connection

 Just imagine you've planned all the details of your future bathroom interior design, made a project and started implementing it. One day you realize that one small detail can spoil all the perfection - an outlet for the electric towel rail with the power cord hanging from it. Then you learn that it's possible to make the hidden connection but for this the electrician cuts the cable to join it with the power inside the wall - therefore it can be not that nice as you imagined before and cancels all warranty. This dramatic scenario won't be real if you buy Mario electric towel rail with a dry heater!

 All the Mario electric towel rails are constructed to have the option of hidden connection. This method allows cable penetration from the wall directly to the towel rail, covering the connection with decorative element, without socket mounting.

 It’s safe. Customers won’t need to worry about the easily accessible socket in their bathroom or be afraid that the children will reach it.

 It’s neatly. No cords will distract from the bathroom design and stand out there.

 It’s convenient. This kind of installation is very simple, there is no need to mount the socket on purpose. Hidden connection makes the cleaning easy, and nobody will be caught in the power cord.

 This option doesn't need any extra expenses. Mario provides the full set of the needed elements for connection, which doesn't require additional screws, nuts, terminals. As all you need is already included in the set of every Mario electric towel rail with universal mount.