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How to Choose the Towel Rail

How to Choose the Towel Rail

 A high-quality and functional heated towel rail in the bathroom is a guarantee of your comfort. Today, there are many options on the market in terms of design, construction, and connection type - a difficult choice for those who have never done this. But we will tell you how to choose a heated towel rail for your bathroom without worries, and share the main points that you should pay attention to.

  At the first stage, you need to decide what type of heated towel rail you need: water or electric. The water heated towel rail is connected to a heating or hot water supply system (both district heating network and central). To install a model of this type, you need to consult a plumber, since you cannot do without his help during installation. The electric heated towel rail does not depend on any pipes; for its operation, only electricity is needed: a socket or a power cable from the wall - it will work any season. Modern electric models consume very low amount of electricity. 

 Step number two is to decide the purpose. Will you use the heated towel rail mainly for drying clothes or for heating the room? The size, type and power of the model will depend on this factor. How to choose a heated towel rail for the bathroom if you need it for heating? A water heated towel rail is perfect for heating the bathroom. The bigger the area of the room, the more powerful and big the towel rail should be. The heating capacity also depends on the number of ribs and the diameter of the pipes. For example, pipes with a square section have a large heating area, respectively, they have higher heat transfer and efficiency. 

 The material of the towel rails is also of large importance. How to choose a durable heated towel rail for the years? The most successful option would be stainless steel products. They are affordable, durable, resistant to corrosion, aggressive environments and high pressure. Such heated towel rails are suitable for the operation of both district and central heating networks. Polished stainless steel will last for decades and will delight with a mirror shine every day, since it doesn't need any chrome plating, unlike cheaper so-called black steel. 

 Regardless of whether you are renovating a new apartment or replacing an old obsolete heated towel rail, following these instructions you will definitely be able to choose what you need:
  1. - Decide on the towel rail type: water (for connection to the pipes of the heating system) or electric (for connection to an outlet).
  2. - Choose the size and parameters of the heated towel rail: large and powerful for heating, or small and compact for drying towels.
  3. - Pay attention to the material: the best solution in terms of price and quality is stainless steel.

 These simple steps will help you choose the right towel warmer for your bathroom. Contact us to get even more recommendations if you still have doubts ;)