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What is The Optimal Size of The Towel Rail

What is The Optimal Size of The Towel Rail

 When choosing the towel rail for their bathroom some people meet the difficulties deciding on what size of the towel rail they need. It depends on a few factors: general room area and the needed functions of the future towel rail.  

 If the main task of the towel rail is clothes drying, then its size should be chosen according to your own estimates, based on how many towels you plan to dry at once, and how much space is available for installation. In the case when the towel rail is used also for the room heating, you should calculate the size according to productivity. 

 According to standards the bathroom temperature should be +24-26°C, and minimal +18°C. The best option for the room heating will be a powerful water towel rail or completed with a heater. The size, shape and ribs number of the towel rail directly affect its power. The heating requires an average of 100 W of power per square meter of space. For example, to heat a standard bathroom measuring 2x2 m you will need a towel rail with a heat output of 400 W.

 You can also define the needed size of the water towel rail relative to the volume of the heated room. If the volume of the room is 4-8 m3, the dimensions of the towel dryer will vary from 50x40 cm to 60x60 cm, if the volume is 8-11 m3 - sizes from 80x40 cm to 100x40 cm, if the volume of the room is 12-17 m3, then the recommended dimensions are from 100x60 cm to 120x60 cm. It is also necessary to take into account how cold the room is and what the temperature of the coolant in the system, and make adjustments counting this.

 The right choice of towel rail is a comfortable microclimate of your bathroom. Contact us to get help in choosing the towel rail.