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Towel Rail for Heating

Towel Rail for Heating

 Every time when choosing a heated towel rail for a bathroom, buyers face the same problem: the range is wide, but which one is right for me? For most, a heated towel rail is not just an item for drying towels, but also a source of heating in the bathroom. Therefore, many look for a heated towel rail with a heating function. 

 Let's sort everything out. In order to cope with the heating of the room, the heated towel rail must be large and powerful.The bigger the area of the room, the more powerful and big the towel rail is needed. Electric models have the optimal temperature for drying clothes, they are specially designed for this, so using such a heated towel rail as a heater will be inefficient. 

 Water models will handle the room heating best of all . A water heated towel rail is connected to a heating or hot water supply system, therefore the water temperature in it will directly depend on the temperature in the system. Models with a large number of ribs will produce more heat - this option is suitable for heating a spacious room. We recommend you to check out our Design Radiators segment - the most powerful and productive models of heated towel rails with an increased heating area are represented there. 

 If it becomes necessary to use a water heated towel rail to heat the bathroom in the summer, when the water in the heating system is cold, then it can be upgraded into a dual fuel one. Using a set of special valves, a heating element is installed, the access of water from the system blocks, and the towel rail is filled with a coolant. A modern heating element allows you to adjust the temperature and mode of operation as you wish. Mario assortment includes 4 models of heating elements, each of which has several power options, and everything you need to install them and turn the water towel rail into a combined one. 

 How to decide on the size of the heated towel rail relative to the volume of the room?  If the volume of the room is 4-8 m3, the dimensions of the towel dryer will vary from 50x40 cm to 60x60 cm, if the volume is 8-11 m3 - sizes from 80x40 cm to 100x40 cm, if the volume of the room is 12-17 m3, then the recommended dimensions are from 100x60 cm to 120x60 cm. It is also necessary to take into account how cold the room is and what the temperature of the coolant in the system, and make adjustments counting this. 

 Using all these tips, you can easily make your choice in favor of a productive heated towel rail that will warm and delight your family every day! If you still have questions contact us to get the professional consultation.