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Mario Water Heated Towel Rails and Their Advantages

Mario Water Heated Towel Rails and Their Advantages

 Water heated towel rails is the most popular and widespread type of towel rails. It serves both for heating and drying clothes in lots of bathrooms around the world. We took into account personal experience and feedback from our customers to constantly improve our products and make water heated towel rails reliable and high-quality. 

 We use 100% stainless steel pipes. Their quality is confirmed by the EN 442 certificate. Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welded joint efficiency equals 1. Which means that the strength of the seam is equal to the strength of the metal itself, and the probability of rupture along the seam is reduced to zero. All products undergo a multilevel quality control and 22 bar pressure test which also proves the welds reliability. 

 As we don't apply any chrome plating to our products they are resistant to corrosion, temperature and humidity changes. The shine of the finished item is provided by means of electrolytic plasma polishing. Mirror polished surface of our towel rails is long-lasting and resistant to scratches, and requires easy maintenance. 

 Water  heated towel rail is a perfect solution for heating the bathroom, because it has a high heat output. The bigger the towel rail, the more heat it will produce. Mario's assortment includes a wide range of water heated towel rails in 4 segments: Classic, Practic, Art Design and powerful Design Radiators, which differ in size, design and connection method. Except for different designs and sizes we offer to cover the towel rails with decorative finishes of the most popular colors. 

 To make the water heated towel rail work when you don't use heating you can equip it with a special heating element that plugs into an outlet. The combined dual fuel towel rail will work in any season, because turning off the heating element is as easy as installing, using special branded valves. 

 Mario is confident in the reliability of its products that's why we give the long term warranty for water heated towel rails. This type of the radiators will serve for more than a dozen years with proper installation and operation. 

 Contact us to learn more about our water heated towel rails.