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Water or Electric? Tips for Choosing the Towel Rail

Water or Electric? Tips for Choosing the Towel Rail

 Almost every home has a heated towel rail, and when it becomes necessary to replace it, many face the difficulty of choosing, since the range on the market today is very varied. 

 In order to make the right choice of heated towel rail, you do not need to be a specialist in the heating industry - just follow the simple instructions. 

 First, let's look at the types of the towel rails. According to the type of operation, they are divided into two main groups: water and electric. Water heated towel rails are connected to a heating or hot water supply system (central or district). If you have stable hot water in the pipes, then a water model will be a good solution for you. The choice of a water heated towel rail depends on what functions you expect from it. For example, if the room is cold and needs to be heated with a towel rail, then pay attention to models with an increased number of horizontal ribs - they have a high heat capacity. Depending on the area of ​​the room, a medium-sized heated towel rail (about 80 cm high) may suffice for standard bathrooms; for large bathrooms, choose Design radiators (from 1 m high or more). 

 Electric heated towel rails with a dry heating element are independent devices that do not require any coolant. They can be located in any convenient place with an outlet or the power cable access. Modern electric heated towel rails are protected from moisture and dust, therefore they are completely safe for operation in rooms with high humidity. An electric towel rail should be economical, so choose models with a timer-regulator - it will help you not only adjust the desired temperature, but also set the working duration. 

 A few factors influence the choice of an electric towel warmer. First you need to decide on its size. If space allows, it is more profitable to take a big heated towel rail, as it will be more productive, and it will be possible to place several towels on it at the same time or quickly dry clothes after washing. Electric models are a good choice when it's not enough space in the bathroom, because there are various sizes and shapes of them: narrow in width and height, rotative, and even in the form of a riser pipe with hooks. Back in the days, it was also necessary to take into account the side of the connection: there will be a socket on the right side, or on the left. Today, this problem has already been solved, since all Mario electric heated towel rails are equipped with a universal connector that allows you to connect the device from any side. 

 It is worth paying special attention to the materials. The most reliable and advantageous in terms of price-quality ratio is stainless steel. In addition to the fact that with proper operation, such a heated towel rail will last a very long time, it is also easy to clean. 

 Once you have decided on the type and size of the desired heated towel rail, you can start choosing its appearance. Choose a design based on your budget and bathroom style. A painted towel will be the highlight of the interior and will definitely attract the attention of your guests. 

 The right choice of a heated towel rail is a guarantee that in the future it will delight you with dry and warm bath accessories every day. And the microclimate in the bathroom will be comfortable. If you have any questions don't hesitate to write to us to get the professional consulting.