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Electric towel rail Urban-I with timer regulator 2.0!

Electric towel rail Urban-I with timer regulator 2.0!

We are ready to present to you our new electric towel rail Urban-I with timer-regulator 2.0 - the most awaited novelty on the towel rails market! πŸŽ‰Timer-regulator 2.0 is the first smart towel rail control unit, Mario's own innovative development, on which we worked for a long time to make it convenient and as reliable as possible.

What are the features of the timer-regulator 2.0?

  • 7 operating modes, including 4 programmed smart modes: for daily drying of clothes, towels, children's clothes and delicate drying, as well as 3 temperature modes ✨
  • Eco Mode function, which allows you to turn off constant heating 🌱
  • Touch control πŸ‘†
  • Intuitive interface πŸ’‘
  • Graphic display of modes πŸ“Š
  • Operating time countdown ⏳
  • Memory feature 🧠
  • Modern aesthetic design ✨

The new Urban-ITRK electric model is the first to be equipped with a timer-regulator 2.0. It has plane ribs and comes in two sizes:

  • 810x500 mm πŸ“
  • 1110x500 mm πŸ“

πŸ“’ The Urban-ITRK model is available to order. Contact us to learn more. πŸ“ž